Our Process

Your Case Matters To Us

Care, transparency and client access are the foundation of this law firm. We believe that being an effective defense firm means keeping communication open and information accessible. So we've done what few offices are willing to do. We invested in a secure client portal that provides you with real-time access to your case file. We believe this maintains a trusting and collaborative client relationship resulting in higher overall satisfaction. You'll know exactly what is happening with your case at all times; and knowledge means no guesswork or worrying. You also have access to our secure online payment system. This means no mailing in checks or driving to an office. You can pay on your schedule, day or night. Everything we do is centered around you and helping you through this time.

We are a paperless law firm and have invested thousands of dollars into providing the very best case process workflow. From the moment you first call the office, we input your information into our secure database and our legal software keeps track of your case. We utilize highly secured remote co-located computer servers and redundant data backup systems. These are the same type of systems that the US government uses for their secured data. This virtually eliminates the chance that something can happen to your file, evidence, or private information. It also reduces the chance of human error and helps our staff collaborate and seamlessly share case information.

Together, we can win.